There are quite a few initiatives in 2020 that want to encourage people not to drink alcohol for a month. Four months will be prefixed to indicate that you should abstain from alcohol that month. You can start the year with a Dry January, in Belgium you can do a Tournéé Minérale in February and in the autumn you have Sober September and Go Sober for October. But one of the most popular alcohol-free months is undoubtedly Dry July.

A healthy month

Dry July is actually an Australian initiative that you can participate in for your own health, but also to raise money for cancer patients. You can register on the official site to collect money for this charity. The collected money will of course be spent on Australian projects.

More and more people have now adopted Dry July to live healthier for a month and not drink alcohol without really participating in the fundraising. That is of course also possible. If you search for the hashtag #dryjuly on social media you will see that a lot of people will not touch a beer in the next 31 days. If you want to participate in an alcohol-free month, the support from other participants is more than welcome, especially if you are having a bit of a hard time.


Everyone knows that a month without alcohol has many benefits, it is also mentioned on the Dry July site. But an alcohol-free month has another big benefit. Several alcoholic beverage producers are taking advantage of an alcohol-free month to market a drink without alcohol. This was also the case in the run-up to Dry July. Reasons enough for us to make alcohol-free reviews for another month. If you want to participate, it is best to follow Soberito to know what all kinds of alcohol-free treats have come on the market in recent months.