A couple of weeks ago we tasted the Saint G&T , a South African non-alcoholic distillate. The Saint G&T not only appealed to us, but also cocktail maker Matthias Soberon from servedbysoberon started to experiment with the Saint G&T to make two non-alcoholic cocktails. The first of those two is the VirGIN Mojito, based on a classic Mojito, but with alcohol-free gin. We tried the recipe from Matthias ourselves and saw that it was good.

Minute made Mojito

When you have to make some alcohol-free mojitos, you need some time. Crushing the mint leaves with the cane sugar takes a little while and you really have to master it a bit if you do not want your guests to wait too long. Matthias Soberon uses cane sugar syrup in this recipe, which means you don’t have to crush the pure sugar. Furthermore, it is literally said in the recipe that you should crush the mint leaves gently, so you won’t lose much time with that either. This Mojito is therefore a slightly easier version of the traditional mojito, but certainly not less tasty. Furthermore, it is important to follow the sequence of the described actions carefully, otherwise you will dishonor the recipe a bit. We did our best to simulate the VirGIN Mojito of Matthias Soberon as well as possible.

What do you need?

  • 4,5 cl. Saint G&T
  • 1,5 cl. lyme juice
  • 1,5 cl. cane syrup
  • Mint leaves
  • 20 cl. Fever tree tonic (Mediterranean)
  • Crushed ice

How do you make it?

Put some mint leaves in the glass and crush them gently. Add all ingredients except the tonic and top up with crushed ice. Gently stir together. Now you can add the tonic, fill the glass with even more crushed ice and finish with some mint leaves. Enjoy!

Below you will find the original recipe from Matthias Soberon. Matthias makes a daily cocktail to perfection and puts the recipe on instagram. When you follow his account, you will occasionally see a very tasty non-alcoholic cocktail pop up.

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VirGIN Mojito • 45ml/1,5oz Saint • 15ml/.5oz Lime Juice • 15ml/.5oz Cane Syrup • Mint leaves • FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic Gently(!) muddle mint in glass / Add all but tonic and fill glass with crushed ice / Swizzle it up / Top with Tonic / Stir / Add more ice / Garnish! 🍸🍸 When it comes to Non-Alcoholic-Distillates, the same comments arise over and over again: ‘It’s expensive water’💧 ‘There’s nothing I can do with it’🤷 ‘I hate they call themselves THIS or THAT…’ 😤 And it kind of tires me.🙄 Yes, everyone is obviously entitled to their opinion and preferences, but why not put some of that energy in trying to create something fun with them in stead? 💚 There’s no denying they’re here to stay and have already left their mark on the evolution of no- and lo- ABV drinks 🍹. . A couple of weeks ago I had a visitor in the #CocktailDungeon, who brought me a bottle of ‘Saint’, a South African Juniper-forward Alcoholfree Distillate.🇿🇦 He didn’t come to sell his product, to prove me it’s the next hype, nor to convince me it was the best of its kind.🙆 Mattias (what’s in a name 🤓) just asked me: “What would YOU create with this?”… 🙏 And I absolutely loved every minute of our afternoon, with the above drink one of several results. ❤️ Drinkstagram, here’s to creativity, whether it’s high-proof, low-proof or zero proof!! 🍸🍸 #ServedBySoberon #virginmojito #mojito #mocktail #drinkoftheday #alcoholfree #designateddriver #responsibledrinking #feedfeed #liqpic #homebartender #cocktailrecipes #noalcohol #nonalcoholic #lowabv #tonicwater #fevertree

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