It has been a bit quiet on this site in recent weeks, but we didn’t fall asleep. From next week on, you can expect an abundance of recipes, reviews and product news here so that you can easily get through the spring and summer without alcohol. We all want to do this under the name 100% Sober, 200% Fun. It is not because you do not drink alcohol that you automatically become a boring whiner. To announce our motto, and to ensure that you too can show that you do not drink alcohol, but are no less boring, we have designed a couple of t-shirts together with a partner, that you can order on this link. The ideal outfit for some summer and beach bars. That way your company will know immediately that they don’t need to order alcohol for you.

Furthermore, we would like to ask all visitors to email all their tips, ideas and recipes regarding non-alcoholic drinks by sending an e-mail to In this way we remain a bit informed about what is going on with the visitors and we want to respond as much as possible to what you expect from us. We wish you many sunny, non-alcoholic terraces.