Cocktails, or mocktails if you want, have one thing in common. By combining some ingredients, people try to create a drink that tastes better than the ingredients taste on their own. Not always easy. With The Bitter Note we didn’t try a cocktail yet, perhaps because we think the drink itself is tasty enough to occasionally drink a small glass of it. Pure.

But we wanted to make a cocktail based on The Bitter Note and asked the creators of the drink themselves which easy to make mix they could recommend to us. It became the “bitter storming.” A very easy to make cocktail where you can really find lots of flavours. The recipe we received was a mix of The Bitter Note, lime juice and Ginger beer. By combining these three, you will find a touch of sour, bitter and sweet in your glass. Those three combined should be a joy for the taste buds. The ‘jury’ who was allowed to taste, however, found a version with ginger ale a little better. In a third version we replaced the ginger beer with pimento and that combination was also quite delicious, especially for those who like a little spicy touch.

If you do not know The Bitter Note, you can read our review of the drink here. You can order The Bitter Note online at wise bartender.

What do you need?

50 ml. The Bitter Note
15 ml. frsh lime juice
Ginger beer (or ginger ale or pimento)

How do you make it?

Fill a glass with ice cubes. Pour over The Bitter Note and the lime juice. Stir the two well and then top up with ginger beer, ginger ale or pimento. How much of the latter you add depends a bit on your own taste, 10 cl. seemed ideal for us. Enjoy.