A Negroni is a real classic among the cocktails. Very popular in Italy. You can easily make a non-alcoholic version of this cocktail, a perfect as aperitif for an extensive banquet. This one is also very enjoyable on a terrace in summer. The ingredients of the classic version are 1/3 gin, 1/3 vermouth and 1/3 campari. You can now easily find an alcohol-free variant of all these ingredients. We chose Palermo Rosso as a replacement for the vermouth, Crodino rosso as a replacement for campari and Memento as a replacement for the gin. Just like in the real negroni, we finished by adding a slice of orange.

We used these ingredients to make our nogroni

What do you need?

1/3 Memento or some other non-alcoholic distillate (No Ghost in a bottle, Borrago, Seedlip, Nona June, Ginsin…)
1/3 Crodino Rosso
1/3 Palermo Rosso or another non-alcoholic vermouth
1 orange
ice cubes

How do you make it?

Mix the three ingredients in a large cocktail glass. Then fill the glass with ice and finish with a slice of orange. Simple, quick, but oh so tasty.