The Bitter Note is a non-alcoholic, Italian herbal liqueur. In Italy, an Amaro is often drunk as a digestive. Because such Amaro contains many herbs that have a beneficial influence on digestion, the drink is an ideal conclusion to a copious meal. The Bitter Note is made from 4 ingredients: an infusion of 36 different herbs and plants, the decoction of artichoke leaves and bitter roots, the extract of the terriaca venata, a local herbal mix and an infusion of gentian and angostura.

A vibrant concert of 7 aromatic notes

According to the creators of The Bitter Note, you have to find seven flavours in their drink: bitter, spicy, sweet, herbal, fresh, balsamic and citrus. When we taste the drink, it turns out that these seven flavours can indeed be found. In our first tasting glass, the sweet predominated a bit, but in a second test, when we drank The Bitter Note much colder, the other aromas came out much better. In the first instance you will mainly taste sweet orange and a little bit of citrus, afterwards you taste the full pallet of herbs and also the taste of the artichoke gets more pronounced. That a lot of herbs are used to brew this drink is very clear, it is a real taste bomb. Only seconds after you swallowed it you start experiencing the bitter aftertastes, which ramains in your mouth for quite a while.

The Perfect digestive

The Bitter Note certainly is an almost perfect digestive when you love a bittersweet herbal liqueur after your food. Until recently, a nice digestive was still a shortcoming in the alcohol-free landscape, but with this bitter note the right tone has definitely been set. Hopefully in the future there will be more nice alternatives on the market to enjoy after a meal, but until then we will be happy to finish our dinner with this Bitter Note. The drink should be served very fresh, with a few ice cubes and a slice of orange. You can also use The Bitter Note to make cocktails. We will try this later, the recipes will certainly be published here.



  • Type: Herbal liqueur/Amaro
  • Bottle: 50 cl.
  • Alcohol: 0%
  • Calories: 72kCal/100ml.
  • Serving Temperature: 4°C
  • Storage Temperature: 4°C
  • Shelf Life: 90 days after opening the bottle
  • Producer: The Bitter Note
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