Eric Dalsace, the creator of Pimento, loves drinks that burn the lips and set your mouth on fire. He searched for a long time for a fiery, alcoholfree soft drink to drink on its own, or to use as the best mixer ever for a mocktail. When Eric realised that such a drink might not exist, he decided to make one himself. He searched all over Paris for Thai herbs, African syrups, Caribbean fruit, Indian peppers and English sodas and transformed his kitchen into a lab. There he experimented fully in the search for the perfect soft drink for him. In the end it was a mixture of tonic, ginger and chili pepper that, according to Eric Dalsace, was the perfect combination for his new creation. He decided to produce the drink on a larger scale and to baptise it ‘Pimento’.

Red hot chili pepper

Pimento is no tonic, no ginger beer and no lemonade. Pimento is simply pimento, not comparable to other soft drinks on the market. When you take a sip of pimento, you immediately notice that the drink is reasonably sweet. However, it only takes a brief moment before the ginger and the chilli start their work. After a few seconds you will feel the drink burning on your tongue, lips and in your throat. The hot taste makes you tend to drink this soft drink more quietly than a regular tonic, but do not panic, it’s not like eating an extremely hot pepper. The drink is pretty spicy, but even people who are not really crazy about red hot chili peppers will undoubtedly enjoy Pimento.

Pure, or ‘in the mix’

You can drink pimento pure, with a few ice cubes, but the drink can also be perfectly used as the base of a mocktail. For example, pimento tastes great when you add a little lime juice. The lime juice ensures that the sweets are removed a little, which is nice if you are not really a sweet tooth. Pimento can also be used as the base for numerous mocktails. We are looking for the nicest combinations with Pimento and will publish the recipes here as soon as we have discovered a nice mocktail with this cool, hot drink.


  • Type: Soft Drink
  • Bottle: 25 cl.
  • Alcohol: 0%
  • Calories: 30kCal/100ml.
  • Serving temperature: Zeer koel serveren
  • Conservation temperature: Koel bewaren
  • Producer: Pimento drink