The Italians at Memento are always looking for inspiration for good (non-alcoholic) cocktails. In the past they already worked with some well-known bartenders to develop recipes that incorporate their non-alcoholic Memento. Now they are organizing ‘Drinking out of the box’. A real competition in which bartenders are invited to make a cocktail with Memento as the basic ingredient. The cocktails are divided into two categories: “Low alcohol cocktails” and “No alcohol cocktails.” Of course we ourselves are the most interested in who will be the winners in the category without alcohol. The jury will select eight recipes per category that will be published on the Memento website. Four finalists will then be selected through an online election. A winner will be selected per category in Milan on 20 May.

How to participate?

The bartender who submits the winning recipe can then act as a ‘house bartender’ for Memento for three days. In the ‘Low Alcohol’ category this is at the ‘Berlino Bar Convent’ in Berlin, from 7 to 9 October. The winner in the ‘Non Alcohol’ category will be house bartender at the ‘Bar Convent Brooklyn’ in New York, from 10 to 12 June. Transport and accommodation are offered to the winner by Memento. You can participate on this link. There you will also find all the criteria that the submitted recipes must meet. Some urgency is necessary, the entries must be received by 7 April 2019 at the latest.