At the age of eighteen, Marie Claessens, founder of The Mocktailclub, got diagnosed intolerant of alcohol. Obviously annoying at an age where you just want to take your first steps in the nightlife. Like so many others who don’t drink alcohol notice, Marie was annoyed that there are relatively few nice and tasty alcohol-free beverages available. So she wanted to change this.

A blog for school

Since Marie is not very fond of soft drinks, she started to experiment a bit and made some recipes for mocktails. When she received an assignment for school in late 2015 to create a blog, she started ‘The Mocktailclub‘, a website with recipes for delicious, self-made, non-alcoholic drinks. Soon the blog was relatively successful and Marie was asked occasionally to serve mocktails at wedding parties and baby showers. The word was out and Mary saw some potential in ‘The Mocktail Club’. The blog for school quickly became a secondary occupation and evolved into a real company that makes mocktails.

Tasty and healthy

Meanwhile, The Mocktailclub produces six different mocktails, all made from fresh ingredients. Without preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, or refined sugars. The mocktails are deliberately not made too sweet because they are not soft drinks and they have to match with savory dishes, something that is less easy with sweet drinks. The mocktails are currently available in bottles of half a liter, a liter or in a box of five liters. Ordering can be done at the webshop of The Mocktailclub, or in a few shops that already distribute the mocktails. The mocktail club also delivers to the catering industry, so with a bit of luck you can taste a mocktail from Marie at your next restaurant visit.


Recently, The Mocktailclub was nominated for a WOMED award in the ‘promise of the year’ category. The WOMED awards are organized for the twentieth time by Markant VZW, UNIZO and the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These awards are a quest for female entrepreneurial talent in Flanders. This year The Mocktailclub was nominated in the ‘promise of the year’ category. If you want to give Marie a helping hand, you can vote for her on this link. We wish The Mocktailclub a lot of success.


The mocktailclub

The mocktailclub