At the end of November 2018 Inbev announced the arrival of a completely non-alcoholic Leffe. Now, after almost three months of waiting, you can find Leffe Blond 0.0% on the shelves in Belgium. As we expect from an Inbev product, perhaps ready to conquer the world.

Everyone’s friend

When you order a Leffe in the vicinity of beer lovers, you will not make yourself very popular. The fact that Leffe is a mainstream product, produced in huge quantities by beer multinational Inbev, is not appreciated by a lot of ‘beer connoisseurs’. According to them, beer must be brewed with much love, preferably in small breweries, in small quantities. Preferably with a very distinctive, distinct taste. The less commercial, the better.

That’s right. Leffe is indeed an abbey beer that is produced ‘en masse’ and that is not blessed with the most pronounced taste palette that you will find in beer land. Leffe is everyone’s friend. For most people who like to drink a beer, but who want to enjoy a more luxurious version of their beloved pint every now and then, a Leffe Blond is the ideal solution. The soft, slightly sweet, little daring taste of Leffe Blond explains its great success.

What about the 0.0%?

Just because Leffe is such a popular beer, the launch of Leffe Blond 0.0% is probably the most anticipated one in alcohol-free beer land until now. And when we opened our first bottle, we knew that it had been worth the wait. The Leffe Blond 0.0% smells relatively sweet, with, as the label promises, a fierce touch of vanilla, but you also immediately smell that there is enough spice present. Once the Leffe is poured out, you will see a clear, sparkling beer that is slightly darker than a golden yellow pale ale, with a beautiful white collar.

In terms of taste, we are really pleasantly surprised by this Leffe 0.0%. A little sweet, that is, but less sweet than the smell would suggest. You certainly taste the vanilla and cloves, but the strongly malty taste stays the longest. Leffe Blond 0,0% is a direct hit that you can enjoy at your leisure. Whether in your TV lounge on a cold winter evening or on a hot terrace in the summer (we can hardly wait), this Leffe Blond 0.0% can be your ideal, alcohol-free companion.

A certitude in the refrigerator

That we are so positive about Leffe Blond 0.0% is probably also because we know that this beer will soon be available relatively easily. ‘Lucky Saint’, which we tasted before, plays a bit in the same league in terms of taste, is a bit more complex and refined and we also prefer it above this Leffe, but the chance that you will ever find ‘lucky saint’ in the local supermarket is rather small. In the alcohol-free market, there are already a lot of beers with a more pronounced taste palette than this Leffe 0.0%. Search them, and follow, because these will all be tasted here in the future. But in the meantime, be sure to keep a few bottles of Leffe 0,0% in the fridge, it will be easily available and a visitor who wants an alcohol-free beer will certainly not be dissapointed.


  • Type: Abbey beer (Pale)
  • Bottle: 33 cl. (Also in a can)
  • Alcohol: 0,0%
  • Calories: 40kCal/10cl. – 132kCal/33cl
  • Serving Temperature: 5°C
  • Conservation: Store cold
  • Brewery: Inbev