Brewdog Nanny State is brewed by the Scottish brewery Brewdog. The brewery was founded by two 24-year-olds in 2007 and has since grown into a brewery with more than a thousand employees.

In their range, which now counts about twenty beers, you can also find an alcohol-free beer, the Brewdog Nanny State.

With Nanny State they want to make a beer  that creates a true taste explosion by adding an excess of hops.

Nanny State is a dark amber beer with a nice white foam head. When you smell the beer you immediately know that a lot of flavor has ended up in your glass. Perhaps the beer has hopped a little too much for many people, so if the slightly bitter taste of hops does not appeal to you, let this chalice pass you by. Someone who likes bitters, however, will appreciate this beer to the full, it is a real taste bomb.

This beer is not a thirst-quencher that you can tip back quickly when you have just finished some tiring work, but a beer that you can slowly sip away in peace in the evening.

If you want to drink Nanny State during a dinner, it can perfectly serve as a slow aperitif or can easily accompany a sturdier fish dish.

Color: Amber
Bottle: 33cl.
Alcohol: 0,5%
Calories: 8 Kcal/100ml
Brewer: Brewdog