Alcohol-free beer and non-alcoholic wine are now widespread and well-known. But what about an alternative for your beloved Gin-Tonic? Because even during an alcohol-free period, you want to go out for dinner, or you want to enjoy a tasty aperitif or cocktail on a quiet Saturday night before you start your delicious, home-cooked dinner. Nowadays you start to find more and more alternatives for these spirits on the market. And although you are not allowed to call them non-alcoholic Gin, these aromatic waters, even though they are all produced differently, are the perfect alternative to use in a cocktail or with a Tonic.

Aromatic, non alcoholic blend

The bottle states that MeMento is an ‘Aromatic, non-alcoholic blend’. This means that MeMento is actually made by mixing different aromatic waters. The main ingredients used in these aromatic waters are roses, rosemary, lemon verbena and curry. Four aromatic waters are made separately, using these ingredients. These are mixed in the right proportion to obtain a well-balanced drink. The choice of ingredients was inspired by the Ricettario Fiorentino, a publication of the Italian college of doctors and pharmacists from 1498. According to this publication, the four herbs used should ensure well-being and happiness. Nice!

Italian Design

If you know MeMento is made in Milan, you won’t be surprised that there is a lot of attention for the design and looks of the product. The design of the bottle is well thought out. On the front of the bottle you see a white label with five horizontal lines. These represent the five senses that should all be stimulated by MeMento. The lines are transparent and when you look through them you see a beautiful, green landscape on the back of the bottle. When drinking your cocktail such a landscape should pop up in your memory. Hence: MeMento.

A spicy upgrade

We tried MeMento in numerous configurations. Pure, with a block of ice, mixed with a few tonics and in a few cocktails, like the Nogroni and the Gimlet. When you open the bottle of MeMento, you immediately smell that an excess of herbs has been used. Rosemary and lemon are prominent, the roses and curry rather play a role in the background. Although MeMento, in our opinion, is the least enjoyable  when you drink it pure, this is the best way to really taste it. When you take a sip of MeMento, you immediately taste what you smell, but the rosemary is even more prominent. The other herbs are sufficient to make sure the rosemary is not disturbing and make a well balanced blend. When you swallow MeMento you have a sharp, somewhat tingling sensation, which is a very pleasant touch.

But as we said, we would not drink MeMento pure, but always in combination with a tonic or or in a cocktail. To really taste MeMento in your tonic, you can easily use 5 or 6 ml. When you do that, the drink really adds value to your tonic. The perfect garnish for your MeMento-Tonic is one or more of the main ingredients of MeMento. A sprig of rosemary, a slice of lemon or a few rose petals are therefore very suitable. In the cocktails we made, MeMento really added the spicy boost that you can expect from this type of drinks. Especially the Gimlet is an absolute must when you do not have much time and do not want to look for to many difficult to find ingredients ingredients.

  • Type: Distillate
  • Bottle: 70 cl.
  • Alcohol: 0%
  • Calories: 0,36 kCal/100ml.
  • Serving temperature: Serve chilled
  • Conserving temperature: Store in a cool, dry place
  • Conservation: 30 days after opening the bottle
  • Producer: Memento Srl
More info about Memento can be found on their website: