When the Danish brewery giant Carlsberg makes a new, completely alcohol-free beer, you inadvertently wonder immediately if this is ‘probably the best alcohol-free beer in the world’. The slogan of Carlsberg has to be the best-known beer advertising slogan of all time, but of course it immediately creates high expectations. At Carlsberg, as a manufacturer of lager beer, one could not stay away from the alcohol-free market. The production process with which this completely alcohol-free Danish beer is made is not really surprising. The alcohol is filtered out of a normal Carlsberg. This happens very slowly at Carlsberg, so the bitterness and taste of the original Carlsberg should remain intact. Not a lot of news here, but Carlsberg 0.0 has one big advantage.


Why, is not really clear, and they do not really give information at Carlsberg, but Carlsberg 0.0 is a very low calorie beer. 100 ml. Carlsberg barely contains 14 kilocalories, or about 35 kcal per bottle of 25 cl.. That is significantly less than most other alcohol-free lagers on the market, which all contain at least the double number of kilocalories. Those 35 kcal. per bottle is about a third of an alcoholic beer. For the dieters among us, Carlsberg 0.0 therefore seems a very good alternative. Water naturally contains fewer calories, but that does not taste that good. So before we went to taste our first Carlsberg 0,0, we really wondered whether there was still some of the taste left from the original beer.

Light and refreshing

The first thing you notice when you drink a sip of Carlsberg 0.0 is that it drinks very easily. Because the beer sparkles so strong it is really refreshing, but it may miss a bit of body. You can almost taste that the beer contains so few calories. Therefore, Carlsberg 0,0 will never be a taste bomb. There is indeed a hoppy and malty taste present, but you will certainly not be blown away by it. The question is, of course, whether that is the intention of this refreshing lager. And that is exactly what this Carlsberg is, a simple, fine refreshing lager. That this Carlsberg is so low in calories and that he might just be about the perfect thirst quencher, are undoubtedly the two strongest points of this beer. The lack of body and taste will be forgiven by many, when they think about the low amount of calories in this ‘light’ product they are drinking.

  • Type: Beer (Pilsner)
  • Bottle: 25 cl. and 33 cl. can
  • Alcohol: 0%
  • Calories: 14 kCal/100ml.
  • Serving temperature: Serve cool
  • Storing temperature: Conserve cool and dry
  • Conservation: approx. one year (see bottle)
  • Producer: Carlsberg
You can find more information on www.carlsberg.com


Carlsberg 0,0 in the pub

Carlsberg 0,0 in the pub