We have known alcohol-free beer and wine for a long time now and more and more attention is being paid to the production of these drinks, which means that the quality and taste have improved considerably lately. In addition to non-alcoholic beer and wine, we also see more and more non-alcoholic alternatives to spirits popping up on the market in the last year. These ‘alcohol-free distillates’, however, cannot simply take over the type designation of their big alcoholic brothers. For example, no producer of such an alcohol-free distillate will call his product ‘alcohol-free gin’. if you want to call tour drink Gin, rum, whiskey, cognac etc …, you have to meet a number of requirements. For many of these products, one of these requirements is often a minimum alcohol percentage. Of course, an alcohol-free drink can never meet that particular requirement.

Perception is everything

With a little basic marketing knowledge, however, it is perfectly possible for producers of these non-alcoholic distillates to show the customer in which league they want to play with their creation. Due to the color of the brew, the shape of the bottle and the design of the label of an ‘alcohol-free distillate’ it is usually immediately clear for which spirit they want to provide an alternative. This is also the case with Celtic soul, a new creation from the makers of Ceder’s alt. When you look at the photo of the bottle of Celtic Soul, you initially think of an exclusive bottle of Whiskey, but it is not. So never call Celtic Soul an alcohol-free whiskey, but feel free to think it is.

Non alcoholic experience

Celtic Soul is a blend of sweet vanilla, a (secret) spice mix and oak cask wood flavours. The brew must bring attitude and personality to the area of ​​the non-alcoholic drinks. It must exude class and sophistication for adults who are looking for a good alcohol-free alternative. According to Craig Hutchison, the creator of Celtic Soul, the mindset of many adults is changing. They do not necessarily look for an alcoholic beverage when they want to drink something, but they do want the non-alcoholic drink to be just as sophisticated and refined as the alcoholic ones they have known for years. For them it is more about the experience, the ritual of serving and drinking and the taste, not so much about the alcohol. That is exactly what Celtic Soul wants to do, give you a perfect alcohol-free experience.

In the mix

We can hardly wait to buy such a bottle of Celtic Soul, but we may have to wait a while before it will be easily available. A bit surprising is that the serving tips indicate that it is best to taste the Celtic Soul with ginger ale and a little orange. Does that mean that it isn’t the alternative to a Whisk(e)y, which you can enjoy pure or ‘on the rocks’ after a copious meal? As soon as we can find a bottle we will tell you.