“An appetizer before dinner?” is perhaps one of the most pronounced sentences between roughly six and eight in the evening. Because, half an hour of total rest before your dinner, enjoying a drink and a light snack is relaxation at its best. And that’s why the people at Seedlip have founded sister brand Aecorn. Aecorn is an alcohol-free aperitif that is based on 17th-century herbal remedies.

Awaken the appetite

Aperitifs are an age-old custom, but it is often forgotten that the original purpose of an aperitif was to induce the appetite. It is a pity that almost all aperitifs contain alcohol. Aecorn wants to change that. It is of course perfectly possible to make an alcohol-free cocktail before you eat, a lot of recipes to do this this can be found on this site. At Aecorn, however, they thought that the aperitifs should be slightly more sophisticated and that they should primarily be responsible for stimulating appetite. That is why three variants of Aecorn were developed. The three drinks are based on grapes harvested in England (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier), blended with a mixture of herbs, botanicals and roots that ensure that you are fully prepared to start your dinner. A great source of inspiration when searching for ingredients and the production process of the drinks was a 17th century text ‘The art of distillation’. The result must be a bold, bittersweet and complex alcohol-free aperitif.

Dry, Bitter and Aromatic

Aecorn comes in three variants: Dry, Bitter and Aromatic. Below you will find an overview of the used spices, herbs and botanicals in each drink, so if you want to buy a bottle, you can already find out which one will suit you the most.

Aecorn Dry:  Dry, floral & herbaceous with notes of Clary sage & Chamomile. Crisp & refreshing, finishing with complex notes of Black tea, Quassia & Oak.

Aecorn Bitter: Bitter, complex & citrusy with refreshing notes of Grapefruit, Bay leaf & Orange. Bold & bittersweet with lingering notes of Quassia, Honeycomb & Oak.

Aecorn Aromatic: Aromatic & complex with notes of smoked Cherrywood, Vanilla, Kolanut & Chinotto. Full-bodied & silky smooth, finishing with warming notes of Clove, Cassia & Oak.

These are the official descriptions of the three types of Aecorn. For us it seems a bit complicated to decide which one suits you best, based on these description. As always, the easiest way to find out which bottle you prefer will be to taste them all.

You can find more info about Aecorn on this website.