French wine producer ‘Le Petit Béret’ launched 4 alcohol free wines in a BIB (Bag in a box). Nothing is easier than having a box of wine in the fridge to quickly tap a glass of red or rosé wine during a hot summer day or at night when watching TV. Unfortunately, it was unable to find a BIB containing non alcoholic wine. This summer, ‘Le Petit Béret’ changed this. From now on, you can buy a red, rosé and two white wines (a dry and a fruity one) in a box. On their website they have a promotion until the 31st of august 2018, where you receive two boxes for the price of one. Before ordering, it’s wise to check if they can deliver to your place and at what price. Those who visit France this summer are lucky, the BIBS are sold in a lot of French supermarkets. Where? Check