Most of you already now Ipswich based Big Drop Brewing. The brewery produces numerous non-alcoholic beers on the market, of which we have already tasted the Big Drop Pale Ale and the Big Drop Citra IPA. A few beers from Big Drop Brewing will soon be reviewed here and expectations are quite high. We hear a lot of positive signals about the Big Drop beers and hope we can taste more nice beers from them the coming weeks. Of course it costs a lot of money to start a brewery. At Big Drop Brewing they want to grow and therefore invest in their company, they want to try to make that investment through crowdfunding, so everyone can contribute to good alcohol-free beers.


For someone who follows the digital and online world a bit, crowdfunding is certainly not a new concept. If you don’t know it, with crowdfunding you can raise an amount of money to make an investment in your, usually starting, company. The nice thing about crowdfunding is that everyone can invest fairly easily, and that you can already do so with a very limited budget. However, many a mickle makes a muckle, so when a company can convince a lot of people to make a small contribution, chances are they will raise the intended amount. As an investor, when the company starts making a profit, you may share a little in the profit. In many cases, you as an investor receive a discount when the company you have supported brings certain products to the market. There are numerous platforms to organize a crowdfunding, the best known is perhaps kickstarter, but Big Drop Brewing does their crowdfunding via seedrs, another reliable platform to find investors.

£ 500.000

Big Drop Brewing wants to raise £ 500.00 to further invest in the company. The intention is to invest half of that amount in general sales and marketing, 30% will be used to launch a new design for the packaging of Big Drop’s beers, 10% will be used for production in new countries and the last 10% will go to the development of new products.

Currently, the promotion has provided approximately one third of the intended amount. So you can still invest if you want. If the £ 500,000 is not met at the end of the ride, you will get your money back. All investors also have a chance to win some nice gifts. Please note that registering for an account with seedrs is very secure. After all, you are dealing with money, so it takes a while before your account is approved and you can invest effectively. Our account should be approved very soon and we cannot wait to help a little in the future of non-alcoholic beer with a small contribution.

More information can be found on the site of Big Drop Brewing, you can find the crowdfunding at seedrs here.