The Mimosa is a cocktail that is included in the list of IBA cocktails as a contemporary classic. The cocktail owes its name to a plant with bright yellow flowers, the Mimosa. The cocktail has become especially popular in Spain, where the juice of the oranges grown there was frequently mixed with the local Cava.

Two recipes

The IBA publishes a basic recipe for each cocktail in their list. In the case of the Mimosa this is simply a mix of 7.5 cl. Champagne with 7.5 cl. freshly squeezed orange juice. You can of course simply make an alcohol-free Mimosa by replacing Champagne with alcohol-free sparkling wine in this recipe. Because we wanted it to be a bit more special, we want to propose two other recipes.

Recipe 1: Mimosa Clementine

Squeezing orange juice goes relatively fast, pressing mandarins takes a little longer, but the juice is really tasty. With a bit of luck (we had that luck) you’ll find fresh and organic juice from mandarins in the local organic shop. So in the standard Mimosa we not only want to replace Champagne with non-alcoholic Cava (to honour its Spanish roots), but also the orange juice with mandarin or clementine juice.

Some recipes also add a few cl. triple sec to the cocktail. If you can find a small bottle of orange extract in your store (usually with the ingredients for desserts), this can serve as a substitute for the triple sec. By adding a few drops of this extract you ensure an extra fruity touch.

What do you need?

7,5 cl. Alcohol-free Cava
7,5 cl. mandarin juice
Optionally a few drops of orange extract

How do you make it?

Making this cocktail is very simple. First pour the juice from the mandarins into a glass, top up with the alcohol-free cava. If you want to add orange extract, it is best to add this before pouring the cava into the mandarin juice. If you need a lot of cocktails you can premix them in a large jug, you can mix 75 cl. non-alcoholic cava with 75 cl. mandarin juice and you’ll have a lot of servings.

Recipe 2: Minosa

One of the signature mocktails from Seedlip is the Minosa. This is another interpretation of the Mimosa. In this Minosa the Champagne is replaced by a part Seedlip Grove 42 topped with sparkling water. The orange juice is also replaced with mandarin juice. The taste of this Minosa is of course different from that of the Mimosa Clementine. This Minosa is slightly less sweet and tastes a little more spicy. Below you will find the original recipe, we added double the amount of mandarin juice to taste them a little better. Here too you could add some orange extract.

What do you need?

50 ml. Seedlip Grove 42
25 ml. mandarin juice (or some more if you like it)
Sparkling water

How do you make it?

This Minosa is also very easy to make. Pour the Seedlip Grove 42 and the mandarin juice into a flute glass, then top up with sparkling water. Done!