This cocktail is an extremely refreshing and elegant mix of non-alcoholic Cava or sparkling wine, ginger syrup, lime and a little bit of sparkling water. The sour of the lime is perfectly taken care of by the sweet touch from the ginger syrup. The ginger adds a slightly spicy aftertaste, so you can enjoy your drink a little longer. The cocktail is perfect as a non-alcoholic aperitif or as a refreshing drink to enjoy on a sunny terrace.


What do you need?

12.5 cl. Non-alcoholic Cava or sparkling wine (We used Codorniu zero)
2cl. ginger syrup (We used Monin Ginger Syrup)
1/4 lime
Sparkling water (We used San Pellegrino)
Ice cubes

How do you make the cocktail?

You take a large wine glass and add 2 parts of lime. (two times 1/8 of a lime). You crush the lime so plenty of juice is released. You then pour 2 cl. of ginger syrup, one glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and 8 cl. of sparkling water on the lime parts. Stir these ingredients well and add three ice cubes. We put mint leaves in our ice cubes before freezing them, this makes the mocktail look even fresher than it already is. Definitely try it! Cheers!