For many people, the holiday really starts when they can enjoy their first glass of pastis on a terrace somewhere under the French sun. Traditionally the pastis is served in a glass filled with ice cubes and you get a jug of water to mix it just the way you like it. Pastis is nowadays very easy to get in an alcohol-free version. The most famous non-alcoholic Pastis is Pacific, but in the (French) supermarket there are usually a few other alternatives available. The only difference with the alcoholic version is that it does not change color when you add water to it, but already looks milky in undiluted version.

Pastis for dummies?

You are either completely crazy about the typical anise taste of pastis or you simply hate the flavour. There seems to be no middle ground. Yet there is perhaps a way to convince the haters of the drink to try it, or even to convince them completely of the anise flavour. By adding a third taste to the pastis, the typical anise taste fades a bit, so it gets easier to get used to it. That is why we want to get to know you this perroquet. You can make it for yourself to get used to the taste of anise if you don’t like the stuff, but you can also try to convince a friend to try a pastis. The perroquet is also recommended for someone who is completely devoted to the anise taste, if only because you can drink your favorite drink a little bit differently for once.

What do you need?

  • 4 cl. Alcohol-free pastis (Pacific or another brand)
  • 2 cl. Mint syrup (Monin or another brand)
  • 15 cl. Water
  • Ice cubes

How do you prepare it?

This is perhaps one of the easiest mocktails to prepare. You fill your glass with ice cubes, pour 4 cl. Pacific (or another non-alcoholic pastis), pour 2 cl. mint syrup and you fill up the glass with 15 cl. of pure water. Now you just have to stir a little and the mocktail is ready.

Please note that the taste of your mocktail will largely depend on the mint syrup used. One mint syrup will be a bit sweeter, while in another the mint flavor will be more present. Before you serve the cocktail to your guests, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try it out yourself to experiment with the ideal amount of mint syrup. Cheers!