Strongbow Ciders is the largest apple cider producer in the world. The Strongbow brand was established in 1962. At present, Strongbow is responsible for around 15% of all apple cider produced worldwide. Strongbow, today owned by brewer Heineken, released an alcohol-free cider in 2019 for a part of the European market, Strongbow Red Berries 0,0.

Apple, Elderberry and Strawberry

The main component of the Strongbow Red Berries 0,0 is an alcohol-free apple cider, or apple juice if you want. To turn the apple cider into a red drink, strawberry and elderberry were added. The cider can be drunk with or without ice. Since the Strongbow Red Berries is intended as a refreshing summer drink, we opted to pour it out on a few ice cubes, so its refreshing character gets even more pronounced

A sweet and a sour

Just as we thought when we tasted the Liefmans Fruitesse 0.0 on the rocks, you would be tempted to think that this strongbow is simply a fruit lemonade with a more upscale name. That would really disgrace the drink. When you smell the Strongbow Red Berries 0,0, you will notice the sweet scent of the strawberry. Once you taste it, the drink never seems really sweet. The alcohol-free apple cider that forms the basis for the Red Berries 0.0 is very prominent and provides just enough acid to suppress the sweetness of the strawberry. The taste of strawberry is present with every sip, the elderberry comes to the surface as an aftertaste.

Before, during or after a meal

Strongbow recommends drinking these Red Berries as an accompaniment to a hearty aperitif, but also with a meal or with a chocolate dessert with red fruit, the drink should be a good companion. We can agree with this because the Red Berries is certainly not too sweet, so it will not dominate your aperitif, meal or dessert at all. Not only in taste but also in terms of calories this thirst quencher scores better than a regular soda. With 26 kcal / 100 ml., the Red Berries contains a lot less calories than a regular soda, but of course considerably more than a glass of water or some light soda. We certainly do think that the 26 kcal is worth the taste that you get from the Strongbow Red Berries 0,0.


  • Type: Cider
  • Bottle: 33 cl.
  • Alcohol: 0,0%
  • Calories: 26 kcal/100 ml.
  • Serving temperature: Ice cold
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Producer: Strongbow