In the 70s, Annelies Lefere’s parents tasted, during a holiday in the French Provence, a drink made by an elderly lady who lived there. Madame Volmer, that’s how the lady was called, made a typical aperitif at home, based on regional products. She used to serve it to friends and family. The drink was appreciated and Madame Volmer gave the recipe to the parents of Annelies. In 2015, Annelies Lefere decided to put a drink on the market that was inspired by the recipe that her parents brought from Provence.


Anyone who has ever been on holiday in the Provence, knows that the Mistral wind, which has its origins somewhere between the Alps and the Pyrenees, can be ugly. The wind can just pop up all year round and keeps on blowing for more than a week. Loose objects, but also headgear and tablecloths blow in all directions during the mistral wind. Annoying, you might think, were it not that southern France is often submerged in such a scorching heat during the summer months that the refreshing East wind is welcomed with open arms.

The name ‘Vylmer Mistral’ seems so well chosen, because this aperitif also has the goal to be a nice refreshment on hot days or just to have a moment of rest after a busy day. Because Vylmer Mistral does not contain alcohol and only half the calories from a glass of cava, you can also enjoy it completely carefree.

Women’s drink

When we went for the bottle of Vylmer Mistral to taste it, it soon became clear that especially the women in the company were charmed by the bottle with the soft pink content. In the taste test, too, it turned out that especially the women were very happy with the drink. Vylmer Mistral smells pretty sweet but especially fruity. You smell red berries, orange and a hint of apple, there also seems to be a little clove, but it may as well be other herbs. However, Vylmer Mistral does smell absolutely natural and not artificial. In the taste test, the bitter of the orange (skin) comes up and you also taste a slight touch of citrus. The drink is sweet, but certainly not excessive. The sweetness does not dominate the other flavors at any time. Finally, Vylmer Mistral is bursting with fine bubbles, which only adds to the refreshing effect.

Vylmer Mistral

Handy formats

You certainly will not hear us claiming that Vylmer Mistral is a drink that is only suitable for women, even men may fall for the fresh mix between bitter, sweet and fruity. Yet it seems to us that the majority of men will prefer another drink for an alcohol-free aperitif in the sun. That is no reason not to pour a glass of Vylmer Mistral when you are just there is just the two of you. Because Vylmer Mistral is available in bottles of 75cl., but also in smaller bottles of 20cl., You do not always have to open a large bottle if you fancy an uplifting aperitif. This way, hubby can drink something else and the wife does not have to empty the entire bottle alone.

  • Type: Aperitif
  • Bottle: 20 cl. en 75 cl.
  • Alcohol: 0,0%
  • Calories: 44 kCal/100 ml.
  • Serving temperature: Serve very cold
  • Conserving temperature: Conserve dark and cool
  • Conservation: 2 years
  • Producer: Vylmer

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