Rok Soba is not really a brewery, nor is it the main objective of the brand to brew or sell beer. Behind Rok Soba are two brothers whose mission is to show that it is not boring at all not to drink alcohol, and it can even be Rock & Roll. They spread that message under the brand name ‘Rok Soba’, a combination of ‘Rock’ and ‘Sober’. The two brothers really want to inspire as many people as possible to drink no or less alcohol. They do this by being present at events, engaging in politics, propagating their message through social media, etc … Through their website, Rok Soba sells clothing to inspire people. A percentage of the profit goes charities supporting addiction recovery. The beer was launched to try to achieve their ultimate goal with and to introduce such a center themselves. In addition, they also want to set up a foundation to assist recovering addicts with employment.


There is a moth in the Rok Soba logo. A moth always wants to get away from darkness in search of the light, and undergoes a true transformation in its life. It can hardly be more symbolic, because someone with an addiction must also try to get out of the dark and undergo a metamorphosis. The FEAR in the name of the beer stands for Face Everything And Rise. There is no shortage of symbolism and good intentions at Rok Soba, but to sell a few beers, the brew must taste good. To ensure a quality beer, they went to the Nirvana brewery, which successfully launched six non-alcoholic beers on the market, which we will soon taste here. We can be brief about the label on the bottle, it is by far the coolest we have ever seen.

A real stout

Because we really appreciate the mission of Rok Soba, we have to be careful to not start the taste test to biased. We open a bottle and mainly smell roasted malt and chocolate, just what you can actually expect from a stout. The beer is very dark, almost black and that too is just like a stout must be. The head is dark beige but unfortunately it disappears relatively quickly. When tasting the Rok Soba ZERO FEAR you clearly taste dark chocolate with some coffee and vanilla. The beer is a bit sweet, but certainly not exaggerated. Perhaps the Rok Soba ZERO FEAR could have a little more body, because we tended to drink out the ZERO FEAR relatively quickly. That could of course also be because it we liked the taste.

If you are a fan of a good stout, you can’t do much wrong by ordering a few bottles of Rok Soba ZERO FEAR. That is possible via the site of Rok Soba, but also at Wise Bartender.