Occasionally you want to impress your guests (or yourself) with a fantastic, homemade cocktail. To stand out, you often get tempted to use tons of exotic ingredients for creating a cocktail based on an extremely complex recipe. The Boston shaker gets dusted off, the kitchen is turned into a battlefield. That is all a small effort if you have lots of time. But a simple mocktail, that only takes a minute to prepare,  can also taste delicious and leaves your kitchen spotless. This Crodino Milano is such a cocktail.

Bitter bubbles

In our search for a nice simple cocktail we stumble upon the Campari Milano. Easy to prepare, but unfortunately not alcohol-free. The two basic ingredients of the Campari Milano,(Prosecco and Campari) however, are fairly easy to find as an alcohol-free alternative. At Campari they also make Crodino. This is an Italian bitter aperitif that you can use to replace Campari. The Prosecco can easily be replaced with an alcohol-free sparkling wine. So these two will be the main ingredients for our Crodino Milano.

What do you need?

  • 5 cl. Crodino Rosso
  • 3 cl. Elderflower Syrup
  • 9 cl. Non-alcoholic sparkling wine
  • 5 mint leaves
  • Ice cubes

How do you make it?

  • Put some ice cubes in a glass
  • Pour the alcohol-free sparkling wine on the ice cubes
  • Add the elderflower syrup
  • Finally add the Crodino
  • Garnish with the fresh mint leaves and stir gently
  • Enjoy!