You may have already noticed after our recipe of the Perroquet, but at soberito we can always be found for an appetizer with an aniseed flavour. We therefore find the alcohol-free pacific a perfect summer drink. That it is very easy to make, ensures we are even more fond of a refreshing pacific. You mix 1/5 pacific with 4/5 water, add some ice blocks and you’re done. Occasionally, we want to pimp our daily pacific a little bit, so we searched another pacific based coktail. On the website of the alcoholic brother of the Pacific, we found a summery recipe based on the infamous anise drink, so we made an alcohol-free version.

Jaune Lemon

The name of the recipe that should make you happy on a summer terrace is ‘Jaune Lemon’ and is a mix of lemon, anise and almond. To make this Jaune Lemon you don’t have to be a master bartender at all, mixing four ingredients in a large carafe does the job. One of those four ingredients is almond syrup. You might not find it easy, but there is an alternative. You can heat a portion of almond milk, dissolve the same amount of sugar in it and let it cool down. That mixture can replace the almond syrup.

What do you need?

  • 2/8 Pacific (or another non-alcoholic anise drink)
  • 3/8 Water
  • 2/8 lemon juice
  • 1/8 almond syrup

How do you make it?

It may seem difficult to measure 1/8 each time, but there is an easy trick. If you want to make a liter of Jaune Lemon, it is best to use a marked wine glass as a measuring cup. 1 glass of wine is normally 12.5 cl., so eight glasses are just one liter. When you have found the right benchmark, making the Jaune Lemon is relatively easy. You first pour the 1/8 almond syrup into the carafe and then add all other ingredients. This way you can be sure that the almond syrup is well mixed with the rest of the ingredients. When you have poured all the ingredients into your carafe, you just have to stir, finish with a few slices of lemon and add a few more ice cubes to keep it fresh for a little longer. With such a carafe of Jaune Lemon you immediately have a good aperitif to share with some friends, or you can enjoy it yourself to enjoy a nice long summer day.