In the past we have tasted some beers from Danish brewer Mikkeller, such as the Mikkeller Energibajer and the Mikkeller Drink’in the sun. At Mikkeller, however, they have many other non-alcoholic beers in store and we will therefore also try to test some more of their non-alcoholic brews. The first in the list is this Mikkeller Weird Weather. Just like the previous beers we tasted from Mikkeller, this Mikkeller Weird Weather is also brewed at Proef, a brewery in Lochtristi, Belgium.

New England IPA

The Mikkeller Weird Weather is a New England IPA. Before you taste it is nice to know what that means exactly. In these New England IPAs, which are relatively popular, a lot of hops are used, just like in normal IPAs. In contrast to most IPAs, however, more highly aromatic hops and less very bitter hops are used here, which should ensure a (tropical) fruit flavor. Of course, a New England IPA should also have a bit of bitterness, but that is a lot less than an ordinary IPA. The New England IPA should also be turbid. This should especially benefit the mouthfeel and provide a little more body.

Tropical bitterness

When we smell the can, we immediately notice that, as it should be, a clear hint of tropical fruit is noticeable. In addition we smell a bit of a grassy scent, lots of hops and a little malt. If we can trust our nose, there must be a lot of taste in this weird weather. Once poured, the beer also looks like a New England IPA should look. Golden yellow and very cloudy. The foam is white and stays on the beer for a long time.

For a lover of a really bitter IPA, who does not know that the New England IPA should taste completely different and expects many bitters, the taste of this beer will be rather disappointing. Someone who has read the short introduction to the New England IPA or who knows the style, will not be disappointed at all. The Weird Weather tastes almost as you would expect. We just taste a little more lemon than we had smelled, and as far as we are concerned, the Weird Weather should have been slightly less sweet. However, that sweet taste does not seem to be artificial and just seems to come from the tropical fruit. Bitterness and hop taste are present and come up a bit more in the aftertaste, but someone who doesn’t like bitter beer will certainly be able to appreciate this Weird Weather.

The mouthfeel of this weird weather is also as it should be. Certainly enough body, obtained through the use of oatmeal, but perhaps a bit too little carbonation.


Anyone who likes the taste and smell of tropical fruit will certainly appreciate this Mikkeller Weird Weather. The Weird Weather certainly contains enough features of a New England IPA to put it on the label. You can probably drink this on a warm day on a terrace, but because of its creamy body, it can just as easily be drunk before TV or after dinner. One who likes a more complex beer with more bitterness can better skip it.